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How to Buy an Automatic Counting and Packaging Machine

How to Buy an Automatic Counting and Packaging Machine

Jun 10, 2022

How to Buy an Automatic Counting and Packaging Machine

Counting and packaging demand has always existed, such as the candy industry, fastener industry, hardware parts, plastic parts, and etc.

How to choose a suitable set of equipment to meet the needs of counting and packaging has become a difficult problem for many factories.

On current market there are optical fiber counting machine, infrared counting machine, weighing counting machine, and vision counting machine. Although these are counting machine, but the principle, accuracy, and the price are all different.

Photoelectric counting is also called optical fiber counting machine, which is counted by photoelectric sensor. Because the photoelectric sensor emits a beam of red light, some people also call it infrared particle counting machine. The material will be blocked by the photoelectric sensor, the voltage value will change, and then count. It is precisely because of this counting principle that accurate counting cannot be performed when the overlapping material falls. Because of this, the photoelectric counting speed is slow, and most of them need to be equipped with a circular vibrating plate to make the material fall one by one before it can be accurately counted. However, this counting method has a low price, and is suitable for materials with low requirements for counting and packaging speed, few types of materials, and fixed size.

Weighing counting machine, using the relationship between the weight and the number of the conversion number. This method is fast, low price, but the accuracy is low, for single weight error products. Will cause more or less situation, packaging quality is not controllable.

Vision counting machine is also called the camera counting machine. It is counted by a high-speed CCD camera, and the FPGA collection software algorithm is used to accurately identify and count. High accuracy, fast speed, but relatively high price.

vision counting packaging machine

High prices are relative, and many people only focus on current prices without long-term calculations. Price and value are relative. If you look at the price alone, the vision counting machine is indeed higher, but if the problem is solved well and the investment cost is recovered quickly, the price will not be high. For example, for many large-scale production enterprises or products with higher added value, it is more cost-effective to purchase a vision counting machine.

If other counting methods are used, in order to ensure that many materials are, it is bound to send more materials, so the cost of sending more materials, and the opportunity cost of sending less materials are very high.Or use a lot of labor to solve the packaging link, then the labor wage cost, the management cost is also very high.

Each type of counting machine can be equipped with various packaging systems, such as bagging, boxing, canning, bottling, etc., both semi-automatic and fully automatic. It can be equipped according to your actual packaging needs.

The key to a complete set of fully automatic counting packaging machines is not the packaging system, because the packaging system market technology is very mature and can basically meet the needs. The key lies in the counting system, which can meet its own accuracy requirements and does not cause a lot of hidden cost waste. is the best choice.

When choosing a counting system, you need to look for professional manufacturers and whether they have their own core technology manufacturers. Because vision counting machines are not popular, only counting machine manufacturers with their own core technology can really solve your actual needs, and after-sales are more guaranteed.

Hefei The One Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. has been focusing on the establishment of the company since the development of vision counting machine, has more than 70 core patent technology, and has the ability to redevelopment according to customer needs, welcome to consult.


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