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How much should the vision counting machine cost

How much should the vision counting machine cost

Sep 23, 2022
How much should the vision counting machine cost
"How much is the vision counting machine", many people may ask this in the first sentence.If you're reading this and wondering how much a vision counting machine costs to get the highest return on investment, you've come to the right place.

The price of a product must be proportional to the value of the product. Judging from the price of the product alone must be wrong. What we care about is not the price, but how much value a product at that price can bring me.

So we generally calculate ROI for our customers to see if our products can generate value for customers. If we cannot generate the corresponding value for the customer, we also do not recommend the customer to buy.

In order to better explain the price and value of the vision counting and packaging machine, we take a specific example. The product price of a company (the company name cannot be written due to confidentiality reasons) ranges from 0.12 to 1.0 RMB, and we calculate it according to the minimum 0.2 RMB per unit. Before the customer used the vision counting machine, the method of manual weighing counting was adopted.

1. Reduce the product loss cost by 117450 RMB per year

Counting method

Vision counting

Weight counting

Counting error



Error reduction



600000pcs per day

Capacity ratio for

vision counting


eg:200pcs/bag, 3 bags/min, 360000pcs per day

300pcs/bag, 3 bags/min, 540000pcs per day

Day loss


Market average price

0.2 RMB

Annual loss cost reduction

117450 RMB2025*0.2*290 days

2.Reduce labor costs by 150000 RMB per year

Originally five workers were responsible for packaging, after they use vision counting machine, conservatively expected to need only two workers. Each person earns 50000 RMB per year.

3. Investment expenditure (RMB) Cost savings (RMB)

Investment expenditure (RMB)

Cost savings (RMB)

Single set of equipment investment expenditure: about 210000

Reduce loss cost: 117450/year

Equipment depreciation cost: 42000/year

(5-year depreciation calculation)

Equipment fund interest: about 14000/year

(7% interest rate)

Labor cost saving: 150000/year

Equipment use cost: about 12000/year

(Cost for electricity and gas consumption)

Average equipment expenditure: 68000/year

Comprehensive cost savings:199450/year117400+150000-68000

Investment recovery cycle:210000/199450=1.05 yearAbout 13 months

4.In addition to the reduced direct economic costs, hidden costs are also saved, such as reducing customer complaints due to quantity uncertainty thus reducing orders, reducing personnel management costs and so on.

The factors affecting the choice of the vision counting machine are as followings
1. Product price: The higher the price of the product, the more the vision counting machine is needed, because in terms of counting accuracy, the vision counting machine has higher precision and lower product loss.

2. Yield: The larger the output, the more the company needs the vision counting machine. For example, a candy is 0.1RMB, and the output per minute is 300pcs, calculated in 8 hours a day, the daily output is 144000RMB. If a pack of candy is 20pcs, each pack to send one more, the loss is 720rmb per day, 21600rmb per month.

candy vision counting machine

Why choose us to buy a vision counting machine?
We Hefei The One Electronic Technology Co.,LTD have always adhered to the principle that value determines price, and recommended suitable counting machine according to customer requirements. If we cannot create corresponding value for customers, we do not recommend customers to buy. In addition, we will also consider hidden costs such as factory floor space for customers. We consider our systems to be maintenance free with around 20 years of continuous life cycle, the first device sold after the company was founded is still in excellent production.

We have our own vision counting development technology, so we can provide corresponding customized services according to customers, so as to meet customer needs to the greatest extent. For example, docking with the customer's existing packaging equipment, docking with the customer's MES and other information systems, and so on.


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