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What are the Advantages of Counting Machine?

What are the Advantages of Counting Machine?

Aug 13, 2021

Automatic counting and packing machine, widely used in screws, nail, bolt, nut, gasket, bearings, glass parts, plastic parts, furniture accessories.

automatic counting and packaging machine

Weighing counting

Count demand has existed since mass production. For example,industrial manufacturers need to count and pack the screws,nuts and small parts. But since there were no tools to count,the solution is through labor. With the development of society,capacity expansion and labor costs incerase,traditional weighing counting and packaging emerged.That is by weighing the weight of a single object,the total number required the total weight.The required number is obtained by weighing total required weight. This calculation,because of individual object weight errors,causes inaccurate counting.

counting packaging machine

Vision counting

At this time,the vision counting machine arises accordingly.Hefei the one vision counting and packaging machine, to be short,that is through the camera imaging collocation software algorithm,calculate the amount of materials. With the high-speed industrial line array camera,when the material falls through the camera identification area,the line array camera scans at high speed to accurately capture the material fall posture,shape and other information,and uploads it to the processing center.Through the powerful real-time analysis and processing of the processing center,the number of materials is accurately calculated and the real-time counting function is realized.

automatic counting and packing machine

Vision counting and packaging machine is an accurate counting subcontracting function through camera recognition and unique and precise mechanical structure,such as the mechanical structure of coarse supply plate + finishing plate.It is widely used in candy count packaging, laundry condensate bead count package, small parts counting and packaging,screw counting and packaging and connector counting and packaging.

connector counting and packaging machine

Advantages of vision counting and packaging machine

  1. Accurate count:Avoid errors caused by weight differences.Overoverlap can also be counted
  2. Strong compatibility:Can count many kinds of materials by one machine
  3. Support the one-key material cleaning function
  4. It has the learning function of exclusive patent,one key learning for new materials
  5. It can be connected with ERP information of factories to achieve traceability of product production
  6. Industrial tablet computers,which can store a large number of production programs
  7. Reducing labor cost
  8. Insensitive to dust
  9. Compacted design to save space
  10. Extremely low maintenance

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